A social networking and information mega-portal for Parents, Teachers, Students, Business Owners and Schools engaged with Kindergarten to Class XII schooling in India!
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For parents, teachers, students and all people connected with schools in one way or another in India who want to find answers to a particular question related to schools or schooling, network with other people in similar situations to resolve their issues, showcase their work, find the latest school-related info or business or just browse the body of work put out by the community, SchoolJunction is the logical go to place: a one stop K-12 education resource and social networking portal.

Users can access targeted information about schools meeting their needs, browse school profiles, showcase original work and projects, participate in discussions, meet likeminded people, create online and offline events, locate businesses like coaching institutes, tutors and extra-curricular activity instructors, form online associations and clubs, check out latest information like school admission form submission deadlines, scholar's notable achievements and much, much more!

Unlike other websites that cater to one or only few aspects of information and activities related to education and schools, SchoolJunction not only brings all services to one common access point and does a better job of providing each service than the competition but also cross-references the information from all these services to provide users with powerful search, recommendation and reporting tools to find out what they need quickly and comprehensively. It presents information in a manner that makes sense. And it gives you your own home on the web where you can make friends and showcase your work and achievements.

Do you want to contact parents that have wards in the same school and grade as yours and are sending their children to a judo instructor or a particular summer camp? Or want to talk to and get advice from other parents and teachers who have had success with a topic your otherwise brilliant child is finding particularly challenging to learn? What does the community think about a project made by your child (or you if you are in school) ? What is the last date to submit admission forms for the next session of XYZ school? Is there a violin teacher located near where you live? SchoolJunction can answer questions like these and much more for you in a jiffy.